Dog Treat Variety Pack


Dog Treat Variety Pack


A selection of Springtime dog treats and chews to offer stimulating variety and a chance to sample new favorites.

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  • $52.75
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Springtime Variety Packs are a great way for your dog to sample our unique dog treats and chews. The mixture of tastes, textures, and shapes will keep your dog stimulated, while satisfying their instinctive need to chew. Choose from our large or small treat variety packs to please dogs of any size.

Small Treat Variety Pack
Small Variety Pack
• Choice Bully 6"
• Premium Bully 6"
• Braided Bully 6"
• Curly Bully 4"
• Beef Ligament 4"
• Beef Tendon
• Beef Liver Cookies (8 oz.)
• Duck Cookies (8 oz.)
• Duck Feet (8 oz.)

Large Treat Variety Pack
Large Variety Pack
• Choice Bully 12"
• Jumbo Bully 12"
• Braided Bully 12"
• Curly Bully 8"
• Beef Ligament 8"
• Beef Tendon
• Beef Liver Cookies (8 oz.)
• Duck Cookies (8 oz.)
• Duck Feet (8 oz.)

Directions: Store in a cool, dry place. Supervision is recommended, as with any chew or toy.

All bully sticks (Braided, Premium, Choice, and Curly): 100% all natural beef pizzle. USDA Inspected..
Beef Tendon:100% all natural beef tendon.
Beef Ligament:100% all natural beef ligament.
Beef Liver & Coconut Cookie:beef liver, coconut, and egg powder.
Duck Cookie:duck meat and egg powder.
Duck Feet:100% all natural duck feet.