Longevity for Dogs


Longevity for Dogs

Powerful all natural ingredients combine
to invigorate and detoxify your dog.

All natural formula with no fillers. This is the strongest rejuvenating supplement for dogs. Can "turn back the clock" for older dogs with rapid visible results. Also the choice of "natural" breeders. A blend of 14 natural ingredients, including bee pollen, spirulina, glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, vitamin C, etc.

Real Letters Longevity 2015 Petras, Heidi

"...I have weaned her off of ALL of her medications..."

Heidi Petras, Maryland

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• Provides key "live food" factors impossible to find in commercial dog foods alone
• Hip & joint health – strengthens connective tissues, keeps them elastic, resilient, and lubricated*
• High chlorophyll content helps deodorize*
• Helps neutralize acidic urine to reduce yellow grass spots*
• Wonderful blood builder & detoxifier – helps keep athletic dogs at their peak*
• Can turn back the clock for older dogs with rapid visible results
• Powerful, whole food antioxidants & immune stimulants*
• Will produce a brilliant coat with healthy, itch-free skin

Product Summary

Longevity for dogs is a powdered formula to be mixed into wet food feeding programs. This product combines the best principles of Fresh Factors plus Joint Health but goes even further. This is the strongest rejuvenating product we have for dogs. It is especially useful for daily detoxification, which is extremely important considering the dangers of common household chemicals and environmental toxins. Bug Off Garlic is highly complementary for best long-term protection.

Directions: Add to regular feed ration.

Recommended: For best results, start out with just a sprinkle
for the first few days and increase gradually to desired amount.

Toy under 20 lb. ¼ - ½
Small 20-40 lb. 1
Medium 40-80 lb. 2
Large 80-120 lb. 3
Giant over 120 lb. 4+

Daily dose may be doubled or tripled for older dogs
or dogs with infirmities.

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Guaranteed Springtime Analysis
per 8 gram serving
Bee pollen 3,000 mg
Raw spirulina
1,200 mg
Desiccated beef liver 896 mg
Nutritional yeast culture 800 mg
Chondroitin sulfate, min. 90% purity
(bovine cartilage extract)
400 mg
Glucosamine HCL, 99%
(shellfish extract)
400 mg
MSM, 99%
(methyl sulfonyl methane)
400 mg
Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) 200 mg
Citrus bioflavonoid complex, 40% 200 mg
Carrot powder 166 mg
Hesperidin, 85% 102 mg
Kelp 100 mg
Sea Salt 100 mg
Biotin 720 mcg

Spirulina – Science Behind the Food

Spirulina is used in Spirulina Wafers for Horses, Longevity for Dogs, and Spirulina Tablets for People.

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Springtime Bee Pollen

1. Quality dry food

Springtime Bee Pollen

2. Springtime Products

Springtime Bee Pollen

3. Quality canned food

Springtime Bee Pollen

4. Lukewarm water

An Anti-Aging Diet with the Powerful Benefits of Raw Food


Feeding Springtime chewables and powder products is easy!


Springtime customers love their pets. Many have developed their own raw and/or home cooked feeding programs for their dogs. Unfortunately, most of us do not have the time to do this. Below is a simple feeding program that provides the best of a raw food diet without the extra work.


  • Measure out a high quality kibble.
  • Measure out appropriate helpings of Springtime products.
  • Measure out a small amount of high grade canned dog food.
  • Stir in enough lukewarm water to make a delicious gravy.
  • Mix well and serve.


  1. Please make any supplement / diet changes gradually over a one or two week period (too rapid a change may cause loose stools).
  2. Springtime products are whole food based, extremely safe and work best when fed generously.
  3. When significant portions of Springtime products are used, other ingredients should be adjusted to maintain optimal body weight. Lean dogs live longer!
Springtime Bee Pollen

Longevity - most powerful single product.

Springtime Bee Pollen

Longevity and Bug Off Garlic Granules - extremely popular combination.

Springtime Bee Pollen

Longevity, Bug Off Garlic Granules and Advanced Hip & Joint Chewables - complete, all natural program with stunning results.

Springtime Bee Pollen

5. Yum!

Red Star Nutritional Yeast Culture


Springtime has used Red Star® brand nutritional yeast exclusively for over 20 years.


Springtime chooses to use nutritional yeast culture (saccharomyces cerevisiae) made by Red Star®, a complete protein and superfood containing 18 amino acids, B-complex vitamins, dietary fiber, as well as many other nutritional components and minerals. Red Star® Yeast, the largest manufacturerer of yeast products in North America, has over 50 year of extensive experience in the development and production of nutritional yeast.

What It Is


Red Star® nutritional yeast is an excellent source of protein, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. Red Star® derives its primary grown nutritional yeast from pure strains of saccharomyces cerevisiae grown on mixtures of cane and beet molasses. Red Star's® special growth medium and unique drying process are the secrets to the exceptional performance and flavor of Red Star® nutritional yeast. This process retains live food factors, a unique and valuable quality.


Red Star® nutritional yeast is grown specifically for its nutritive value. In addition to protein, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals, it contains additional functional and beneficial components such as beta-1, 3 glucan, trehalose, mannan and glutathione. Studies have shown that these components have potential health benefits such as improved immune response, reduction of cholesterol, and anti-cancer properties.


Nutritional yeast is also known for its B-complex vitamins. The B-complex vitamins are essential to the wellness of body, mind, and spirit.

What It Is Not


Red Star® nutritional yeast is not made from byproducts of breweries, distilleries or paper mills. Red Star® nutritional yeast is not a genetically modified organism (GMO). Red Star® nutritional yeast contains no added sugars or preservatives.



Candida yeast infection (Candida Albicans) is a body yeast infection. Red Star®'s nutritional yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) is not found to be a cause of yeast or candida infections.

Brewers yeast is an inexpensive but bitter byproduct of the brewing industry that has a good nutritional profile, but typically not nearly as high as Red Star® Nutritional Yeast which is grown for maximized food nutritional benefits.


Torula yeast (Pichia jadinii), is a by-product of the paper mill waste streams obtained by growing Pichia jadinii on wood sugars.


Dairy yeast, or whey yeast (Kluyveromyce marxianus), is obtained by growing Kluyveromyce marxianus using cheese whey or whey permeate.


Wine Yeast (Saccharomyces fermentati) is used in fermenting grapes into wine.

Real Letters

Read More

Real Letters 2010 Longevity Redpath G
From left to right: Fox Run Rivet, Conquest Ruby and Conquest Strike.

Longevity for Breeding

Dear Springtime,

I am a long time breeder who attends shows, hunts, breeds and also judges occasionally. Longevity was the first product purchased with retired dogs in mind but was soon added to the menu for everyone including bitches in whelp and even added to the initial weaning diet of four week old pups. Once they are on it, they stay on it for life.

Longevity certainly produces all the desired results and more as indicated on your website. Without exception, all of my dogs, 14 in total, love the taste. What was not mentioned on your site is the fact that my dogs teeth, even the 14 year old (whose teeth have never been cleaned), are now amazingly free of plaque after eating Longevity. I know this is due to using your product alone as no other variable was introduced to their feeding schedule during the time frame. I attribute this unmentioned bonus of "cleaner teeth" to the key live food factors found in Longevity.

Additionally, my 14 year old, who was going downhill fast, now has a bit of spring back in his step and my 12 year old terrier is acting like a puppy again. As advised on your website, I also use the Bug Off Garlic Granules in conjunction with Longevity during the warmer seasons and am equally glad not to have to use the advertised chemical concoctions to keep flies at bay.

I was amazed and extremely grateful to have found such a superior additive to help keep my kennel of Conquest Jack Russell Terriers of all ages healthy. I am a strong advocate for Longevity and have started to endorse your product to my clients.

Yours in sport,
N. Gaye Redpath, Canada
Conquest Terriers & Pleasant Boarding Kennel

Real Letters Longevity BaileyM
Melissa and her happy Cattle Dog.

No More Itchiness!

Dear Springtime,

Your products simply blow me away! I live in central Florida (25 miles southwest of Ocala) and have Tennessee Walking horses. I have battled flies and mosquitoes with everything but nuclear waste from our power plant in Crystal River. By dumb luck I found out about Bug Off Garlic from a friend. Talk about battle of the bug, OMG, Springtime rules! I can actually saddle the horses without them doing an Irish step dance. The mosquitoes now find me a tastier treat than my equine partners.

Let's go on to my once itchy cattle dog. He was such a miserable little guy, constantly scratching and chewing his paws. I thought he had a neurotic thing going on for a while. I'm a cytotechnologist; I have the ability to swab and test on occasion. My little itchy guy had a lot of fungus going on. I began giving him Longevity and Greek yogurt and within a week he was cured. Watching the dog sleep an entire night undisturbed brought a tear to my eye, really.

Melissa S. Bailey, Florida

Real Letters Longevity 2015 Petras, Heidi
Annabelle, held by Heidi's 13 year old daughter, Helena, feels younger than ever!

"...I have weaned her off of ALL of her medications..."

Dear Springtime,

I just want to say Thanks! My 11-year-old, 8-lb. Toy Rat Terrier, Annabelle, was on Gabapentin, Tramadol and Metacam for a pinched nerve in her back. She would barely walk, even in the house. I found out about Longevity when searching for alternative methods for handling chronic pain.

Now, 2 months later, I have weaned her off of ALL of her medications and give her Longevity twice a day. She is back to her normal self and back to her long walks around the neighborhood. She is running around, playing fetch, and acts younger than ever. Her coat looks beautiful, and her grass allergies are not as severe this year either. I swear your product is a miracle cure. I can't thank you enough for giving our Annabelle her life back.

With best regards,
Heidi Petras, Maryland

Real Letters 2011 Longevity Kubichka B
Happy, healthy Mom with her 11 pups.

"Healthy pups, great eye checks..."

Dear Springtime,

As a health-oriented breeder of quality AKC Rough Collies, I am always looking for quality supplements to bring out the best in my kennel dogs. My female Rough Collie was on Longevity for several months before we bred her. And, she continued on Longevity throughout the pregnancy.

Wow, did we get a big surprise when she whelped a litter of 11 puppies! We were only expecting six pups by the ultrasound. So we did not expect this many pups. This was an exceptionally large litter.

All pups came out with normal weights for their sex. I had no runts. And none died. All pups survived and are now thriving little dogs. That in itself is some kind of record for health and robustness of the pups.

Also, our eye check for Collie Eye Anomaly, a genetic defect, came out terrific! None of the 11 puppies had a coloboma (a genetic defect). This is quite some record, as litters usually have one or two coloboma pups. Some breeders have more.

So I must say, as the breeder, some magic happened with this breeding and litter. Healthy pups, great eye checks, all pups are happy and thriving. So, I think some magic happened with Longevity in the diet.

Now Mom has her 'figure' back to her trim and slim self, and has rebounded with robust health and beautiful fur growing back in.

What can I say? It must be the Longevity magic at work!

Barbara Kubichka
Washoe Valley Collies, Nevada

Real Letters 2011 Longevity Cook P
Boomer on his 14th birthday.

"Longevity... changed his total health..."

Dear Springtime,

Boomer is my Golden Retriever, and his 14th birthday pictures say it all! Longevity has been his "fountain of youth" for the past two years.

At age twelve, his hips were deteriorating due to joint problems. He was on a low dose of a prescription drug and totally collapsed as a side effect from it. I took him off the medication immediately. I was desperate to find him the right supplement that could help his hips.

That's when my dear friend told me about Longevity. I was amazed to start watching the changes in him. He was walking so much better, and not only that, but his coat was turning luxurious again. My new vet is amazed at how healthy he is for his age. All his organs are working great and his heart is strong. Longevity is so complete that it changed his total health, inside and out. I cannot thank you enough, Springtime, for helping my old boy and giving me the peace of mind that I was doing the very best for him. I tell everyone about the wonders of Longevity. Fourteen years ago, he was the Christmas puppy to three adoring children and over the years has been the most wonderful and loyal friend. He deserves the quality of life that he has given back. Longevity has made that possible. Thank you again, Springtime, for loving our animals and making truly good, effective safe products for them.

Thank you!
Patty Cook and "Boomer," Nevada

Real Stories
Charlotte competing with her sled dog team. Real Stories

"...itchy, dry skin starting to heal..."

Dear Springtime,

I recently started all 28 of my racing sled dogs on Springtime's Longevity.

All 28 love it. Even my picky eaters are licking their bowls clean!

After only a few days, I could see an improvement in all their coats. After 3 weeks the difference in appearance is amazing, and the dry, itchy skin is starting to heal.

Thanks for such a great product. You now have another loyal customer.

Charlotte Mooney,
Klondike Dreams Sled Rides, Montana

Real Letters Longevity 2014 Lawrence Paula
Paula & Willie.

Longevity – No More Tearstains!

Dear Springtime,

I wanted to let you know that Longevity took care of the tear staining on my four month old Bichon Frise puppy. I used to use the Angel Eyes product on my other Bichon, but because it has a low grade antibiotic in it, I didn't want to use it regularly because it would alter his flora and I was afraid he would end up with a yeast infection in his ears.

Thankfully, I talked to Trista and she recommended that I try Longevity. It took a few weeks, but when I cut off the stained fur the new fur was perfectly white. Longevity took care of his tearstains completely and he is so healthy. Even though I raw feed him, he still needed the Longevity to get rid of the tear staining. Thank you, Springtime, for a completely safe and healthy product!

Paula Lawrence, Wisconsin

Real Letters Longevity 2012 Hill K
19 Year Old Livestock Dog Still Taking Care of Her Alpacas.

19 Year Old Livestock Dog Still Taking Care of Her Alpacas

Dear Springtime,

Awhile back when ordering I promised you a photo of Elisa, my beloved Maremma. A retired livestock guard dog who still keeps an eye on her small alpaca herd, Elisa will be 19 years old (that is not a typo) in November. Previously a dog who would refuse supplements (including any treat they were hidden in), Elisa has been a big fan of Springtime Inc. since we discovered you years ago. She enthusiastically eats Fresh Factors, and Bug Off Garlic Chewables, and she LOVES Longevity--eating it daily out of a separate dish she'll even carry around the house. While she may look sleepy in this recent photograph, and of course she naps often these days, Elisa can be surprisingly vigorous and even run through the woods when inspired. I didn't get Elisa until she was 6 years old and soon found myself wishing I'd have more time with her - and I hoped she was making the same wish about me. Now I know we're both very grateful to Springtime Inc. for helping make our wish come true.

Thank you so much,
Kathy Hill, New York

Real Stories
Falco, now with a smile on his face! Real Stories
Nika racing Falco.

Surgery Avoided!

Dear Springtime,

I just wanted to write to you about how wonderful your products are. I have a 4 1/2 year old long coat German Shepherd, Falco, who was diagnosed with hip problems at around 2 1/2. … It devastated me to hear this news! Falco is my love, my best friend, my child. The vet recommended powerful joint supplements of which I started him on and it improved him greatly. He was fine for some time but then started sliding down hill so I switched supplements and tried many things. … Nothing seemed to make a great difference, and by the way, I feed a raw food diet. NO dry dog food in my house. Last winter Falco had a hard time getting in the back of my Tahoe, so I bought a ramp that he hated. He would get grumpy with our puppy, Nika, who was about 6 months old or so and wanted him to play rough. He knew he could not keep up with her. … I purchased the Longevity and Bug Off Garlic as we have horrible ticks. Within a few weeks Falco was much more active and running better in the yard. After a month, I really started to notice the difference as I doubled his dose. Now, several months later you would not know he has hip issues. We live on the lake and he runs on the beach and leaps up on the dock and over to the other side. He chases Nika in the yard and bullies her around while smiling, yes, smiling! It is truly amazing. Dogs with hip problems have no muscle in their hind legs, well, I tell you he does now!

Nika would not eat the Longevity so I started her on Fresh Factors. She had a problem with her coat. She had very coarse, brittle top coat on neck and back, and sores appeared all along her back and head. I had used a new bug repellent so probably the sores were from that, but the coat was terrible, even with the raw diet. She pretty much blew her whole coat, but now after two months on Fresh Factors her coat is soft and supple and shiny. I also have been giving the dogs salmon oil all along and switched recently to your Omega 3-6-9 softgels for them and myself! I think the three different oils in your product are superior to just one type, and it does not go rancid as oil can.

I am so very happy that you saved my boy, Falco, from having surgery. We were seriously considering it and I dreaded the ordeal and expense. So, when your catalog appeared I said "one more try" after reading the testimonials of other clients. Soooo glad I did! We love you, Springtime.

Cathy Tait, Maine

Real Letters 2011 Longevity Aughtman A

Shrinking Cyst - 12 Year Old Beagle Mix

Dear Springtime,

I ordered Longevity for my dogs a few months ago. I have three dogs with different issues (ages from three to twelve). My oldest, Sonny, is a 12 yr old Beagle mix with shoulder issues and a growing cyst on one side of his neck. We had the cyst looked at and aspirated by a vet and it was determined to be a fatty deposit. The only problem was that it continued to grow in spite of efforts to control his fat intake. Because of his age, we wanted to avoid having it surgically removed if possible. After about two months on the Longevity, I felt his neck, and surprisingly, the cyst was shrinking! It is now half the size it was before the Longevity. Is it the product? I guess there's no way to be absolutely sure, but I am sure we'll stick with it.

I am happy to report that his fatty cyst is continuing to shrink! I will keep you guys posted and hopefully the next email will be about it being completely gone.

Alison Aughtman and "Sonny," Alabama