C-Complex for Dogs


C-Complex for Dogs

A full spectrum of accessory nutrients to support
a dog's immune system and overall health.

Whole Food based. A powerful vitamin C formula enhanced with bioflavonoids and nutrient rich bee pollen. Excellent for immune support, for promoting tissue, tendon and ligament health, and as an anti-inflammatory.*

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Vitamin C plus Raw Factors!

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• With bee pollen
• Fully supported vitamin C
• Powerful antioxidant
• Safe source of pro-vitamin A
• Promotes connective tissue, tendon, and ligament health*
• Strengthens immune system*
• Aids anti-inflammatory response*

Product Summary

C-Complex excels as a free radical scavenger, immune stimulant, capillary builder and general health tonic. Whole food ingredients make this product a truly deluxe version of the classic vitamin C standby.

Directions: Add to regular feed ration.

Recommended: For best results, start dogs off with just a sprinkle
for the first few days and gradually increase to at least 1 full scoop
(≈ 3,500 mg) per day per 60 lb. of body weight. Dose may be doubled
during times of stress.

1.4 lb. 179 16¢ $29.50
Guaranteed Springtime Analysis
Ascorbic acid (vitamin C) 113,211 mg/lb
Bee Pollen 113,211 mg/lb
Carrot Powder 113,211 mg/lb
Citrus bioflavonoid complex, 40% 67,930 mg/lb
Hesperidin, 85% 45,285 mg/lb
Rutin (vitamin P) 750 mg/lb
Fresh Factors & Joint Health Chewables Fresh Foods Are Vital for Peak Health
Dr. Henning Karstrom, a Swedish expert in raw food therapy says, "Even though you get all 50 known nutrients in your diet (i.e., vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, fatty acids, etc.) your health will still suffer unless you also include large quantities of uncooked and unprocessed foods."

Fresh, live foods are essential to health and well-being.
As Dr. Karstrom has stated above, diets including fresh, live foods are essential to health and well-being. Because they are enzyme active, and have not had their nutritional substances destroyed or altered by heat, fresh foods can be utilized by the body in such a way that is chemically balanced by nature.

These fresh foods affect positive results, giving tissues, bones, and organs the necessary vitamins and minerals to function at their highest levels, as well as healing and strengthening the body as a whole.

Cooked or processed foods, however, are often unbalanced. A good example is the typical dog food diet which is often processed for long term storage requirements. Because of this, many of the vitamins and minerals in these diets have been destroyed or altered. Live enzymes are totally lost.

While these foods may stimulate one body system for the good, they often harm another. Therefore, we have dogs who seem to age prematurely because while their requirements for sustenance are met, their nutrient needs for peak health are not.

Scientific study shows that dietary intake has a direct correlation with health.
Francis M. Pottenger, an American physician, provided an excellent illustration of these facts.While working on a study of the adrenal system of cats, he began to notice that the animals' dietary intake had a direct correlation with their health.

His study group consisted of a colony of 900 cats with which he experimented over a course of 10 years. Pottenger fed the first group pasteurized milk, cod liver oil and cooked meat. He reported that these cats had a high incidence of allergies, sickness, and skeletal deformities which were passed on from generation to generation. As each new litter was born he also noted that there were fewer and fewer kittens per litter, and each had a significant drop in birth weight.

The second group of cats Pottenger worked with was fed only unpasteurized milk and raw meat. The difference between these cats and the first group was remarkable. Healthy, strong, good skeletal structure, and hardly any trace of sickness or allergies characterized this second group, and like the first, they passed these traits on to their offspring.

Beware of diets consisting of 100% cooked or processed foods.
Clearly, we can see from this study the inherent danger of a diet consisting of 100% cooked or processed foods, as well as the incredible benefits that fresh, live, and nutritionally saturated foods can bring.

Springtime's unique formulas can provide concentrated live enzymes and live food factors for your pet.
We hope the information in this catalog has given you suggestions for a healthier and happier pet. Since our animals have become an integral part of our lives and families, our goal at Springtime is to keep you aware of the supplements available to you, such as Fresh Factors. Also, we give you the assurance that only the finest and purest ingredients possible are used in all of our products.

Springtime C-Complex


Fully Supported Vitamin C
Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) has been referred to as the "master vitamin" because of the enormous range of body functions that it assists. No wonder vitamin C is easily the most popular supplement for people. In recent years, it has become widely accepted that the absorption and utilization of vitamin C can be optimized by "support" from the nutrients normally occurring with it in whole natural foods. These nutrients also play direct roles in body chemistry and are themselves enhanced by vitamin C.

C-Complex is the only true, fully supported vitamin C supplement for dogs and horses on the market. Because of its powerful synergistic qualities, you will find that C-Complex has a higher benefit per penny spent than any other vitamin C product.

Bee Pollen – a Backup of Living Enzymes and Full Spectrum of Bioflavonoids

Pollen contains greater concentrations of living enzymes than any other part of the plant. The pollen in C-Complex is the most nutritional part of the plant. It contains a full spectrum of bioflavonoids, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, fats, sugars, hormones and protective antioxidants. Studies have shown that pollen can remain alive and viable for 20 years or more.

Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex (40%), Hesperidin (85%), and Purified Rutin

The best available citrus bioflavonoid complex comes from baby orangettes harvested at peak nutritional potency. Baby orangettes are picked fresh, immediately freeze dried whole and powdered for full spectrum nutrition.

Vitamin C with bioflavonoids acts as an antioxidant which protects against the formation of free radicals.

The rutin contained in C-Complex is a powerful, non-citrus bioflavonoid purified at 97%.

Real Letters

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Real Letters CCD Grayken Mary
Jura’s life quality is a 10!

"...Jura's life quality is a 10."

Dear Springtime,

My dog, Jura, began receiving Advanced Hip & Joint Chewables last July; these were recommended through a fellow dog owner. Jura responded well with these supplements. Jura views these supplements as treats, unlike prescription medication he was previously prescribed for severe arthritis and spinal stenosis. Two years ago, after a veterinarian's exam, Jura was given one month to live due to severe spinal stenosis and arthritis. Acupuncture treatments saved Jura's life. By taking Advanced Hip & Joint Chewables these last eight months, Jura's acupuncture treatments have all but been discontinued.

Last December, Jura began receiving two additional Springtime products, Bee Pollen and C-Complex. Spring 2016 has arrived, weather cooperating or not. Jura, who normally experiences allergy related scratching during the springtime, has evidenced little scratching this far.

After two weeks of being on the C-Complex anti-oxidant powder, a tumor on Jura's right front leg shrunk significantly. Jura is 15 years old; he remains enthusiastic about life, including eating virtually anything.

However, putting liverwurst or any strong flavor food, such as tuna fish, on top of the Bee Pollen or C-Complex, as Springtime customer service advises is a good recommendation. Without complaint, Jura eats these supplements, prepared this way, on top of his dog food.

On a 1-10 scale, one being low, 10 being high, Jura's life quality is 10. We give credit to Springtime supplements, acupuncture treatments, and massage. He experiences no side effects from the supplements, acupuncture, or massage. When he was being given prescription medications, Jura's life quality was a 4, as the medication side effects were debilitating and deeply disheartening.

Jura will leave me one day. In these final days we are together, it is with profound contentment that I witness Jura enjoying everyday life. Thank you, Springtime.

Mary Grayken, Massachusetts

Real Stories
Sara & Erwin at Olympic Horse Park. Real Stories
Sara and Hanna.

C-Complex: Healthy Ligaments

Dear Springtime,

I started using your products when a friend suggested it for my (at the time) 9 year old Lab mix named Joy. Joy was having a lot of trouble getting up and down and she had a limp in her front leg from a pinched nerve in her neck. Three days after putting her on your Joint Health Chewables she was running around like a spring chicken and has been ever since. She is 11 now.

After Joy's wonderful success, I put my Bullmastiff, Hanna, on C-Complex after her knee surgery and had great results. Shortly after, my other Lab mix, Otis, also tore his knee, but instead of traumatizing him with a very costly knee surgery (he's terrified of the vet) I restricted his movements and put him on C-Complex. I'm ecstatic to say he was completely healed and running around like nothing happened in a short three months. And my pocket is $3000 fuller! I have all my dogs on Spirulina Wafers and Joint Health Chewables long-term as well.

I also compete with my Sachsen Warmblood, Erwin, in combined driving around New England and Canada in hopes that we will someday be able to go to the Para-Equestrian Worlds. This August Erwin suffered a moderate 13% ligament tear. My vet suggested putting him on anything anti inflammatory, so I of course ordered a bucket of your C-Complex and increased the Spirulina Wafers he was already on in addition to Bee Pollen, Gamma, and Joint Health Formula.

After six weeks on restricted movement his tear was down to the expected 8% and he was cleared for lots of walking. However, when he had his next check-up (two weeks earlier than he should have) we had a surprise. Instead of his tear healing down to the expected 4%, it was gone. My vet was so surprised, he said if he hadn't documented it he would never have know it was there.

Now I don't know exactly what healed him, but since I have seen the same results with the C-Complex on two of my dogs with knee tears, I have my suspicions. I will say that I will continue to use your products for the duration of my animals' lives. Thank you so much, Springtime!

Sara St. Peter, Vermont

Real Letters C-Complex Pellette A

"Eight year old Dam, five healthy pups"

Dear Springtime,

I don't know how to thank you for such a great supplement. My Irish Setter who is 8 had her last litter of puppies. Now she can retire not only as a show dog but as a mom. I started giving her C-Complex when I learned she was having pups. She had five very healty, chubby pups as you can see. I believe C-Complex helped her during her pregnancy. She is wonderful mother and has more than enough milk.

Thank you again,
Anne M. Pellette, Meadow Run Irish Setters, California