Dear Springtime,

My eleven year old Golden, Amigo, had developed a tremor in his rear leg, and it was getting worse. With Fresh Factors it's gone! We're both relieved and delighted! Thank you for a good product!

Amigo and I are currently living in the small Baltic country of Estonia (my son and grandchildren are there). There are thousands of dogs here – mostly German Shepherds and other guard dogs – but, of course, no Springtime, Inc.! …Thus, we have been depending upon kind family and friends in the States to receive them from Springtime and forward to me.

In fact, I recently added Joint Health Formulato his regime. I am in the process of completing a book about life, including six moves, with Amigo, and since he doesn't die in the end, I really need to keep him healthy! I have referred to Springtime in the text, and should the book find a publisher, you would be approached for permission to include the company by name. I hope you will hear from us again!

Enclosed, a photo of a midwinter shaggy-coated Amigo, auxiliary Estonian mail carrier! He insists on carrying packages home, including a recent one with his Fresh Factors, but he dropped the box before I could grab the camera! This will have to do.

I look forward to continuing to use and spread the word about your fine, life-sustaining products.

Marguerite S. Oetjen, Estonia