Dear Springtime,

For the past two years, I have wanted to write a letter sending my praise and thanks for your product. I have two black Labs, Mick 11, and Bailey 6, that are my mine and my husband's pride and joy! Two years ago, my baby, Bailey, was in bad shape. He would just lie in our office at work all day long and cry from being in pain. He couldn't get up on his own, and I was carrying him outside just so he could go to the bathroom. I literally thought that my heart was breaking in pieces watching him this way.

Obviously, we made several trips to the vets and came to the conclusion that Bailey was born with a severe case of hip problems. As you might suspect, our vet recommended us to an orthopedic veterinarian that told us Bailey's best option was to get both hips replaced. Leaving the cost factor aside, I immediately scheduled Bailey for surgery because the vet said it was his BEST option; however, even though surgery was supposed to be his best choice, there were a lot of variables involved that left me very wary about the results we would have...

Still having the surgery scheduled, I began researching his condition and the options that I had over the internet, and I realized that supplements were an option that I need to ask the vet about. So I did, and she sent me home with a $40 bottle (60 tablets) of a glucosamine/chondroitin supplement and very little hope of success. I started him on them and they did seem to make a difference; however, he still needed his pain medication many days to complement it. All of which left him simply more comfortable—not returned to our happy, loving Beetle Bailey!

One morning about two weeks prior to Bailey's scheduled surgery date, my aunt showed up at work with a catalog from Springtime, Inc. We started reading the testimonials and researching the products and came to the conclusion that your products were certainly worth a try! I ordered Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewables, received them the next day, and the rest is history! The change in Bailey has been absolutely unbelievable! He was on your products for only a couple of days, and he was romping around like a playful puppy again! Two years later, we are still doing great! I thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving my baby a chance to be happy and hurt-free again!

Micky, my older boy, is feeling younger and friskier in his golden years thanks to Springtime as well! By telling our story, we have added many thankful pet owners to your list of customers. Even though I have been singing your praise to others, I'm sorry it took me two years to personally thank you! The results have been amazing!

Your customers for life,
Jenna, Ryan, "Mick" and "(Beetle) Bailey" Woerner, Pennsylvania