Dear Springtime,

We are writing to tell you that our one and a half year old Golden Retriever, Sam, has been using your Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewables for four months now after being diagnosed with bilateral hip dysplasia. We noticed Sam having difficulty walking, jumping, and generally being a puppy early on. Our vet diagnosed his condition and gave us two surgery options. Both were costly and came with no guarantee that Sam would come out with any relief. We were additionally told they would have to perform the surgery one hip at a time causing potential damage to Sam's knees. This seemed beyond unfair to put our sweet boy through. We were told about your products by a woman who cared for Sam while we were out of town.

I am happy to report that as far as we are concerned at this time, surgery has been put on the FAR back burner if it ever happens. Sammy now looks forward to his walks, jumps up on the chair for his nap and his gait improves daily. We plan to keep his regimen of Fresh Factors and Joint Health Chewables up indefinitely. An added bonus is that he loves the taste. As we watch his weight, we use them as treats!

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your products and giving our Sam a new lease on life!

Steve & Tammy Roth, Iowa