Dear Springtime,

Our youngest German Shepherd, Sasha, developed problems in her left front leg when she was five months old. Our vet told us it could move to another leg some time later. She suffered with it for almost four weeks. I had her on an aspirin regimen and only one Fresh Factors per day.

On March 8, 2009, at 11 months old, she developed the same problems in her right front leg. This time I increased her dosage of Fresh Factorsalong with the aspirin regimen. After less than one week, the increased amount of Fresh Factors had such an amazing result. Her limping was remarkably reduced. As of this date she is completely limp free.

I want to thank Springtime for their great products. Stress Free Calmplex saved our Golden from going to a rescue center because of the damage she did to our house whenever we had a thunderstorm. Stress Free Calmplexalso made our now four year old Shepherd, Vega, confident to go anywhere without freaking out over city noise.

Thanks Springtime. I will continue to be a loyal customer.

Mary Anne Johnson, Ohio