Dear Springtime,

My name is Tami and I have been a longtime customer of Springtime. My mother-in-law introduced me to Tonic Blendabout 11 years ago. I had a very low immune system and was constantly getting colds. After being on Tonic Blend for a few months I started noticing that I wasn't getting sick as often. Now the only time that I get a cold is when I run out of Tonic Blend.

I also have my Chow, named Blue. When he turned 12 he started having a lot more hip problems and his coat was getting really flaky – basically he was going downhill really fast. This was the same time that you came out with Longevity. My husband and I thought very hard about switching his regimen. I mean, he was a very old dog with an autoimmune deficiency. We had three vets who, over the years, would say "you'll be lucky if he reaches nine." So, being on borrowed time anyway we figured that it couldn't hurt. After being on Longevity for almost two weeks we saw a huge difference. Well, it's been almost a year and a half and he's still going strong. He still has some problems getting up but he gets along fine. He thrills in chasing the puppy and playing with HIS kitty, Jasmine. Thank you for giving us more time with the greatest dog I've ever known.

Tami Huntley, Washington