Dear Springtime,

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how much we appreciate your Longevity product. It proved to be the essential component in keeping our German Shepherd, Budvar, alive and healthy for over 15 years.

When Budvar's health started to decline, we started giving him Longevity and he devoured it with enthusiasm. His weight, coat, agility and overall demeanor improved tremendously, giving him several more happy years. The local vets were amazed at his improvement and wanted to know what we had give him, as they didn't think that he should even be alive, much less happy and healthy. They had people calling our house asking about what had helped our dog regain his health.

I have given many people samples of Longevity to try on their dogs, as well as catalogs to order from. Repeatedly, they have been amazed at the improvement. I work with the local Humane Society and recommend your products to fellow animal enthusiasts.

Again, thank you for your wonderful products. We now feed Longevity to all of our hunting and pet dogs, and they are all doing great.

Louisa Wistos, California