Dear Springtime,

I had commented on the way your Longevity made my dogs' coats look and feel great. Axel is on your website comment page with his picture on the beach and Lexi actually had the red in her come out wonderfully after a few months on Longevity. Well, times got hard as everyone knows and we could not afford it for them. They have been off of it for a couple of months now and we can really see the difference. This is why we have ordered today. The heck with the price… Longevity is worth every penny of the cost and more. Lexi has four ten day old puppies now and I want them to have every benefit of the Longevityfrom the moment they begin to eat. We will have their mom and uncle on it the moment it arrives.We also noticed that we are getting brown urine spots on our front yard where they urinate. This did not happen while they were on the Longevity. Thanks again for such an awesome product! And never will our babies be without it again.

Debbie Peach, South Carolina