Dear Springtime,

I want to send a big THANK YOU for giving my sweet female Golden Retriever such a positive improvement after I started Longevity and Bug Off Garlic Granules. Amber, who will be 11 in June, has severe bilateral hip problems. Nobody knew, as I had been hiking and speed walking with her for seven years until my oldest Golden had to be put down. Amber was mourning her, didn't want to move for almost three months and then started to limp. After I demanded an x-ray, it was detected she had severe hip issues. Six months later her right hip popped. She was in serious pain and I thought Amber had to be put down, but luckily my vet did a salvage procedure and saved her. I somehow heard about Longevity and ordered the product, and boy, did she like it. With Longevity and swimming she is now almost without any limping and no pain. She loves her meals; the bowl gets licked to nothing. Even my new Golden, at three years old, is on Longevityand she loves it too.

I even recommended it to Brenda my neighbor for her old Duncan who was suffering with his joints. She reluctantly ordered some and got hooked because Duncan, who is 11, is doing so well. I use your Bee Pollen and Tonic Blend and I must admit your business is truly amazing and your love shines through your products.

I want to thank you for giving me three more years with my sweet Amber, a retired therapy dog. She is my little angel on earth and my soul mate.

Anne Marie Knudsen, California