Dear Springtime,

…I have been meaning to write to you about the products we use. We live in interior Alaska and the mosquitoes and flies are horrible, even worse if you have horses! We've been feeding the Bug Off Garlic for several years and not only does it seem to help keep the insects from biting and leaving welts, I've noticed that wounds, big or small, tend to heal faster with less infection and little or no scarring. The hair usually grows back in and it is not white. And we've noticed a difference in the fly population at "manure mountain."

Then the real test came this year. Due to the rise in heating fuel and electric, and in an attempt to cut cost, we decided to not get more Bug Off Garlic when we ran out last November. (We've been feeding it year round). The thought was we would start again in the spring, not a big deal. Well, spring came around and I kept putting off placing my order. What a big mistake that was!! For the first time in years we had horses with runny noses, coughing, weight loss, nasty hair coats, bug bites, and in general, you could tell they just didn't feel good. (We had our hay and other feeds tested, and everything was good there.) Then our senior mare, Krys (32 young) fractured a back leg and tore up her ligaments and tendons. I ordered the Joint Health Formula, Bug Off Garlic, Spirulina Wafers and the Breather Powder that day. I'm happy to say that our gang is back to being happy and healthy. Nice shiny coats, bright eyes and no more coughing…

I recommend your products to anyone who will listen and am proud to show them the living proof on our front yard of how well your products work.

Thanks for the great products and customer service.

Sandy Davis, Alaska