Dear Springtime,

I ordered Longevity for my dogs a few months ago. I have three dogs with different issues (ages from three to twelve). My oldest, Sonny, is a 12 yr old Beagle mix with shoulder issues and a growing cyst on one side of his neck. We had the cyst looked at and aspirated by a vet and it was determined to be a fatty deposit. The only problem was that it continued to grow in spite of efforts to control his fat intake. Because of his age, we wanted to avoid having it surgically removed if possible. After about two months on the Longevity, I felt his neck, and surprisingly, the cyst was shrinking! It is now half the size it was before the Longevity. Is it the product? I guess there's no way to be absolutely sure, but I am sure we'll stick with it.

I am happy to report that his fatty cyst is continuing to shrink! I will keep you guys posted and hopefully the next email will be about it being completely gone.

Alison Aughtman and "Sonny," Alabama