Dear Springtime,

I am very happy I found your supplements. My eleven year old gelding, Treasured, and I have a very special bond as most horses and owners have… I have been using the Joint Health Formula on him for a year, as he has joint pain in his right front knee. I have tried many supplements over the years (he has had this since he was two and a half years old due to an injury prior to me buying him) and many worked for a short time. The injury caused a lot of pain. I even had to stop riding him. In the winter time the pain would get worse and nothing would work. My friend, Audrey, told me about the Joint Health Formula and within no time he was running around with no lameness or pain. I also noticed the swelling went away. Even the vet was impressed and asked what I gave Treasured. He is so different now. I love to watch him run around again like he is two. It is also a joy to be able to ride him again, as I thought I would never be able to again.

Having a natural way to help my horse has been a blessing - thank you!

Yours Truly,
Dawn Brent, North Carolina