Dear Springtime,

I am writing to thank you for your great product, J-Flex Concentrate. We are a wild burro and pony rescue with a program for disabled youth…we deal with a lot of older horses. Gayette, a 30 year old Mustang, had been a favorite of the kids over the last few years due to her gentle disposition. But this spring, Gayette started becoming very stiff and unrideable and we knew she was in a lot of pain. She did not want any of the kids to even brush her. This was a great disappointment to the kids. Everyone was very sad and the vet suggested that her time had come. Not willing to give up on her, we started using J-Flex Concentrate. Within a few weeks, she started to move around better and was excited to see the kids again. Now she is rideable and is back to being the wonderful therapeutic tool for the disabled children we deal with.

Once again, thank you for producing such a wonderful product. It has brought back the smiles to many a little face here on the ranch. And with your help and God's will, she will continue to touch the hearts of many children.

Sincerely and with great thanks,
Mark R. Jespersen, President/Owner of Dreamcatcher Ranch and Director of the Oscar Javier Ramirez Youth Program, California