Dear Springtime,

We wanted to share our experience with using Daily Calm on one of the rescued horses. A group of Paso Finos came to Horse Protection Association of Florida after they were seized in a cruelty case involving a number of horses. Not all of the horses survived.

Monet, an underweight two year old filly was very sweet and liked people when handled gently and enjoyed being groomed. However, she was panic stricken to be confined in a pen, stall, or pasture. All of the horses here at the HPAF farm are turned out in large pastures all day and night except when they come in for feeding. The pen Monet went in was 40 x 20 and she had her pasture mates on both sides of her for company while in for feeding. As soon as she finished eating, even with a hay bag full of rich orchard and alfalfa hay in front of her, she would frantically run the length of the pen back and forth and would only stop when we physically stopped her. When turned out in a 25 acre pasture, she would run the fence line by the gate, back and forth, incessantly. We started feeding her Springtime Daily Calm as her only supplement in December. Through January she improved and did not run the fence as often. By the end of January she was a new horse. She is quiet and content in her pen for feeding and now when turned out in the pasture she goes right off to play and graze with the other horses. Daily Calm has worked wonders for this lovely filly. With her improved state of mind she has now begun ground training and should make a lovely horse for some lucky adopter.

Also, we have been using Joint Health Formula for years on a number of the horses and recommend it to everyone. Go Boy, a Tennessee Walker who came to us with severe mechanical issues six years ago, maintains beautifully with Joint Health Formula and has been able to maintain normal mobility for three years.

Thank you for your wonderful products. We are very grateful to have them for the horses that we take in that are victims of starvation and neglect. Springtime products help us to improve their quality of life and get them on the road to a new life.

Most Sincerely,
Morgan Silver
Executive Director
Horse Protection Association of Florida