I got a container of your Bug Off Garlic powder in early spring and started feeding it. I just have one horse, Cheyenne, but down the road they have several. They don't do any real fly control and never remove their piled manure, so we were getting lots more flies than "belonged" to us.

I feed the garlic mixed with bran or on pellets (dampen them to make it stick). The fly problem dramatically has improved this summer – the flies don't even seem to like the manure to lay eggs in. I just received my second container to make sure we get through to winter, and intend to feed a reduced amount through until spring, then the larger dose. I haven't even bought any fly spray this summer; just occasionally use a roll-on if my gelding gets a scrape. Cheyenne (registered Arabian name is Shaundo Le Bey, out of the Bask line) is 27 years young. He has had Cushing's disease for three years, which has so far been successfully managed with herbal supplements. The Bug Off Garlic, in addition to terrific fly control, has had, I think, a good effect on his general appearance and internal health. He can still buck pretty good if he has a mind to!

Thanks for a reasonably-priced product that actually works!

Jackie McCowen-Rose, Utah