We own four horses, two off the track Thoroughbreds, one Saddlebred, and a Paint. The TB's are usually eaten alive by flies and ticks in our area of Virginia, in fact, they all are. Since we started giving them your Bug Off Garlic, they are much more tolerant and seem to resist ticks better. Even the mosquito and horsefly bites are less. It is only in the worst of summer that I, once in a while, see any of them with a swarm of flies around their faces.

Enclosed are pictures of our four horses in pasture, taken last summer. The gray is an off the track Thoroughbred, age 12, named Self Esteem from his racing days, but we call him Skylar. The bay is also an off the track Thoroughbred named Cowboy Woody, age 11. He has the worst problems with bugs… very sensitive skin. The black and white Paint is our 14 year old mare, Miss Flashy Bar. She is hardy as a rock, but still enjoys her garlic enhanced bug free life more now! The lovely chestnut is my first horse, a Saddlebred mare named June Mardi Gras. She is just 10 years old.

"The Boys," our two pups, are laughing out loud over their own good health! Brody, the very handsome Brittany, is six years old. Since he was two years old, he has had multiple health problems from a flea/tick collar reaction that caused seizures, and ultimately he lost 53% of his kidney function. We love him so much and he is such a good friend, that we were delighted to find that the Bug Off Garlic helped his flea and tick problems. As I mentioned previously, within two months of beginning Longevity, the skin tag on his eye almost disappeared, and the swollen salivary gland in his throat has all but gone, too! Sometimes, I feel he has better control of his urinary functions. The Longevity is a wonderful product.

The other boy is Link, our four year old Papillon. He came as a rescue, and is a hugely picky eater, but has taken fairly quickly to the Longevity as well. Both dogs grew beautiful, soft, thick coats this winter, which got them through the 2010 blizzards in Virginia very well!

Linda and Ahmad Kangarloo, Virginia