Dear Springtime,

I have used Bug Off Garlic on my donkeys for about 4 1/2 years now - I wouldn't stop using it for anything. They get it year round and I've recently put my dogs on it as well. I don't believe in chemicals for my pets - natural is the way to go. The flies and mosquitoes have been just awful this year with all this rain, but I do believe having both the donkeys and dogs on Bug Off Garlic has been a tremendous help. We recently got a new puppy, Bob-B. We started him on Bug Off Garlic immediately, as I do think it helps with internal parasites as well. My one donkey, Cappy, has laminitis and with your Hoof & Coat Formula, the farrier says his hooves are looking much better. By this time next year, he said he should be in A-1 shape.

I am so glad that many years ago I received your catalog in my mailbox and had the good sense to try your products. Having super pets is a delight, but having super, healthy pets is a true blessing!

Paula Stein, Virginia