Dear Springtime,

I was reading the testimonials for your product Bug Off Garlic and I noticed one use that was not mentioned, feeding it to pregnant mares. I have fed Bug Off Garlic for years to my horses to keep the bugs off them. Since I live in Florida, bugs are a very big problem and flies can carry diseases, and I was a nervous wreck when my first foal, My Skip Don't Stink aka Mugz, was born on March 26, 2002. Of course, I didn't want to have to spray my newborn foal with fly spray, but I didn't want him to get eaten up either. I have always started feeding my horses Bug Off Garlic in March to prepare for the high bug seasons, and I noticed when Mugz was born, there were no flies on him. When the vet got there, he kinda scolded me because he thought I had sprayed Mugz with fly spray. It was only then that I realized that by feeding my mare, Enjoying A Dream, Bug Off Garlic while she was pregnant, that it protected her foal when he was born.

Oh yeah, the first time I fed Mugz feed without garlic in it, he refused to eat. He was not aware that horse feed did not have garlic in it. He still goes around cleaning up after anyone who may leave garlic in their bucket.

I have fed my horses Bug Off Garlic for years because my mare, Enjoying A Dream (Joy), was anything but a dream when she got bit by anything. My friends use to tease me because my horses smelled like garlic. BUT that all changed one summer day while we were out trail riding. The horse flies, etc. were swarming and biting them and their horses so badly that they wanted to return back to the trailers. However, Joy and I were enjoying our ride peacefully. All of a sudden, my friend turned around and noticed we were not battling the bugs. I smiled and said, "Garlic. She may smell funny but we are not getting bit. Come ride by me, it may rub off." Joy is now 17 years old and still enjoys being bug free even after going swimming at noon, racing around the pasture, trail riding, etc. We live in Florida - it is impossible not to sweat most months of the year. I have eight horses and only go through maybe a bottle of fly spray a year because Bug Off Garlic works so well. Thank you for making such a great product at a reasonable price so Joy and her stable mates can live bug free.

The photo attached is one of My Skip Don't Stink (9 y/o AQHA) aka Mugz playing in the pond, which he does almost every day around noontime with the rest of my horses.

Thank you again,
Dellrie Humphrey, Florida