Dear Springtime,

My biggest story to you is a rescue horse that we acquired on 7/29/05. Apollo is a 14 year old Thoroughbred that had stepped on a nail while out in a pasture. Days went by before anyone noticed that his right hind leg was swollen all the way up to twice its size. The owner was no longer able to financially care for the horse, so the nail was removed and the horse was cared for the best the farm could without any veterinary care. When I saw Apollo for the first time he was so skinny and his leg was double in size with a large, open wound above his right hoof. A week or so went by and it got back to us that Apollo was going to be put down. I contacted the owner and asked her if she would consider giving me the horse. She agreed and Apollo came home. We immediately gave him medication for the swelling.

A farrier that specializes in lameness heard about our horse and said that if we got x-rays done that he would take a look at them for us. On 8/12/05 I started Apollo on Spirulina Wafers along with the medication. By 8/22/05 he was up to 10 wafers per day. That is the day I got the results from the farrier. The nail had gone through the flexor tendon and shattered his navicular bone. I was told that the horse should not have survived the amount of infection associated with this injury and he certainly should not be walking. He also had laminitis in his left hind foot due to weight bearing on that leg. Both the farrier and the vets did not give me much hope for his recovery, but Apollo will tell you otherwise. His walking is almost normal on that leg. He has even trotted a few times on his good days. He has been putting weight on, and his coat and eyes look so healthy. We started him on C-Complex on 9/09/05 along with the Spirulina Wafers. We have had some minor setbacks and he still needs to be kept on medication to keep the swelling down, but, otherwise, he is doing great. I keep telling the professionals that Apollo is going to be one for their medical journals! I feel your products have a great deal to do with his recovery, along with his big heart!

Lori Bilinsky, Pennsylvania