Dear Springtime,

"I'd call their first Springtime Bully Sticks experience a success! We also love the Fresh Factors here! Copper has some hind leg issues that seemed to be getting worse. A friend recommended Fresh Factors so we started adding it to their breakfast and he has really improved! Nora (in front) didn't have any issues, but I'm sure Fresh Factors will help prevent some!

We will definitely be customers for life."

-Abbey Mercer, Ohio

Nora and Copper love their Bully Sticks!

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Fresh Factors ®
Fresh Factors for Dogs

Natural support with chondroitin, bee pollen, active yeast culture, kelp, desiccated beef liver, and biotin.

• Great for all ages, including puppies
• Helps maintain healthy joints & hips
• Helps support healthy skin & muscle tone
• Supports digestion & reduces stool size
• Supports a healthy immune system
• Great for dogs on all diets
• Excellent in combination with Joint Health Chewables


Fresh Factors Product Summary

Dog owners love to talk to one another about their dogs. The result has been a groundswell of friend referrals that over the years has made Fresh Factors their overwhelming choice for a convenient and great tasting product that keeps everyone happy.

For further products, we invite you to take a moment to view our whole assortment of natural dog supplements at Springtime Supplements now.

3 Great Products for Dogs

Desiccated Raw Beef Liver From Argentina

Springtime uses beef liver in generous quantities to make all dog products easy to give. The Argentinian beef liver is from hormone free cattle raised in pristine wild areas. Most dogs readily accept Springtime's beef liver flavored chewables.

Bully Sticks - Choice

An extra flavorful bully stick, oven-dried with all the trimmings for a taste dogs crave. Best tasting chew for dogs of any size!


Springtime's Choice Bully Sticks are oven-dried in their natural casings for extra flavor! All the trimmings left on the bully stick create a great natural texture for helping to keep teeth clean. These bully sticks are laid flat when baked, so some of the natural juices may remain, making them extra tasty for dogs.

These bully sticks are great for dogs of all sizes. Great tasting and satisfying. This is a treat your dog will crave.

Our Bully Sticks are made without preservatives or dyes. A safe alternative to products like rawhide, our lines of Bully Sticks are 100% digestible, low in fat, gluten free, and a good source of protein.

• Oven-dried in natural casings for best flavor
• Healthy alternative to rawhide
• Low odor
• Single Ingredient - nothing artificial added
• USDA Inspected
• 100% digestible
• Promotes healthy teeth & gums
• Sourced & made in the USA