Dear Springtime,

On July 31, 2016, after having a horrible night, we took our 13 year old Brittany, Pepper, to the emergency vet because she was hunched over and could barely walk. Last December, she had torn her left hind ACL while bird hunting and it had been healing slowly, although she had many instances where she would splay on the floor due to limb weakness. She was diagnosed with severe arthritis in her back and hips and was administered a shot of pain meds and given two types of opioid medication that she would be on for the rest of her life.

We took our little zombie home and proceeded to tell some of our friends about the experience. One of them shared that a friend of theirs raises and hunts Beagles and uses Fresh Factors to keep the dogs in top health for several additional years of hunting beyond the norm. We knew that being drugged for the rest of her life was not a good option for our Pepper, so we decided to order some and give it a try with the thought that "it couldn't hurt."

We got the Fresh Factors two days later and gave her a double dose. We have continued with that dosage ever since and she is back to her alert and happy self. I can take her for walks again, and she exhibits some of her puppy antics from days gone by. She still does her "skippy" thing with her hind leg every so often, but doesn't fall on her face or trip like she had been. Her coat has become softer and shedding is at a minimum--I wish we had known about this product when she was young. She is a happy pup again, and we are so grateful for this wonderful product. We have told everyone we know (and also people we do not know, but who have dogs) about Fresh Factors. Thank you for giving us our girl back!

Michael and Bernice Kotza, New Jersey