Dear Springtime,

I was reading your description of Tonic Blend in your catalog. It really does not do this product justice. I would like to encourage you to introduce this product to universities conducting research in areas of asthma, arthritis, pain management and surgical recovery.

Tonic Blend has been crucial to my functionality throughout these past 15 years since I started taking it (I had been diagnosed with arthritis). As my cartilage strengthened and joints became better lubricated, my pain and stiffness vanished. I also noticed that I didn't need my asthma meds even though I had had prior hospitalizations because of asthma.

This is not a fluke. Every time I run out of Tonic Blend, the symptoms return. Of course, you also have to avoid a high carb diet for good results, but the critical element is the Tonic Blend. There is no other substitute, so please never sell out to the pharmaceutical companies. You are truly miracle workers!

Please feel free to use my endorsement however you wish. Tonic Blend is the best product I have ever heard of to ward off nutrition-based health problems. I am enclosing my picture for you to use. Thank you for this great product. It pays for itself because I don't have to take ANY medications anymore!

Jayne Ludwikoski, Texas