Dear Springtime,

I was so pleased when we received Joey's Joint Health Chewables Friday afternoon. This product came highly recommended by our neighbor as I watched his 9 year young Golden Retriever do the zoomies round and round their front yard.

I got Joey started Saturday morning and gave a second dose with his dinner and doubled his dosage as you suggested (Our poor boy was having a lot of trouble getting up from a laying position). I am actually seeing improvement in just three days!

Joey has been clapping since he was 11 months young (yes, he actually sits and claps) but he stopped about 2-3 months ago. Yesterday, without hesitation I asked him to clap while holding one of his cookies and he did three perfect claps! I got tears of joy!

I am so thrilled, because if he is feeling this much better in just three days, maybe my 7 year young Scrumptious Bernese Mountain Dog will do the zoomies around the yard like our neighbor's 9 year young Golden Retriever.

With warm regards,

Maria Brisgel, California