Dear Springtime,

I started feeding the Bug Off Garlic Granules over four years ago to my dogs for flea protection. I was told about it at a show we were at (the fleas there were eating the dogs alive - even those who had chemicals on). As I was complaining about the problem, a stranger mentioned your product and told me how to find you. I knew garlic was good but I had never found garlic to work the way your Bug Off Garlic Granules does. I am proud to say that not one of my Shar Pei show dogs has had chemicals on them for the last four years now, and I have found not one flea on any of them.

Better yet - we have 240 acres of woods and fields that our Great Pyrenees and Jack Russel Terrier roam. The summer I started feeding your garlic, the Jack Russell had come down with tick poisoning due to all of the ticks he had on him. I was forced to go to the strongest possible chemical to keep them off which made him sick for the first 24 hours. He had to endure two applications of it that summer.

The next summer I decided to wait until he started bringing in ticks before subjecting him to the chemical but he never did. I did daily checks on him for ticks and would find an occasional one to remove. I started checking the Great Pyrenees and she also was basically tick free. Thank you! I no longer have to use chemicals on any of my dogs and I am loving it.

It took me a bit longer to start my horses on the Bug Off Garlic but in January 2015, I bit the bullet and put them on it. I did not have to spray them one time for flies last summer. Both are healthier because of it. Recently we purchased two miniature mares, one which is pregnant. Both were immediately started on the Bug Off Garlic and I am hopeful the foal will have enough garlic in his/her system to keep flies off.

Thank you for all of your wonderful products!

Cathy Mall, Missouri
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