Dear Springtime,

About a year ago, Herman, a nine year old Shepherd/Lab mix, developed a torn ligament in his left leg. He was able to walk on only his front and rear right side legs. The vet said he would probably tear the ligament in his right leg as well and suggested an operation that would have cost well over $3,000.00. There was a slim chance that it would heal on its own after many months. It was a chance we decided to take. Sure enough, the second rear leg was affected and he was totally unable to climb stairs or move any distance. We carried him, not an easy task with a dog that weighs over 50 lbs.

We purchased the prescribed medicine and started dosing him. Our grandmother suggested Springtime's Joint Health Chewables which she had used for many years with several dogs so we decided to give it a try. It is now a year later and Herman's recovery is almost total. He has been off the prescription medicine for two months and takes two Joint Health Chews daily. He runs, climbs stairs, jumps on the bed, and except for a slight weakness in his rear legs, he is back to normal. Most importantly, he is happy.

Allison, Jeff, Katie and Michael Zerr, Maryland
as written by Susan Bautz, Maryland -
"I am the grandmother in this story who suggested using Springtime for my "granddog," Herman. Because it's been such a miraculous transformation, I decided to write about it and share it with you. Herman is a friendly, obedient, rather shy dog who is extraordinarily sensitive. See him suffer was enough to break our hearts. Seeing his recovery is glorious!"