Dear Springtime,

My 14 year old Collie's hips had become so bad that going through the doggie door was out of the question and she couldn't even handle the four inch step into the house without her hips giving out and collapsing. Callie rarely left her bed, and when she did it would take her several minutes to stand up or we had to pick up her back end to assist her to standing position. Within a week of giving her Joint Health Chewables she was getting up with more ease, totally unassisted and was more active. After a couple of weeks, Callie was using the doggie door again and soon was running around chasing squirrels and playing like she did five years ago. Her hips still give out occasionally when she is running and makes a sharp turn, but she is enjoying life again.

I must say, I was more than a bit skeptical when reading the reviews of miraculous seeming improvements but am now so happy to be writing one myself.

Thanks so much,
Sheryl Kramer, Tennessee