Dear Springtime,

I wanted to thank you for your wonderful products. When our Yellow Lab Cheerio was four, she tore an ACL while playing. Upon diagnosis of an ACL tear, surgery was recommended but very costly. Our friends suggested we try Longevity first and we did so. Like a miracle, Longevity stopped Cheerio's suffering from her torn ACLs' and has prevented surgery. My uncle is our veterinarian and is amazed at how much improvement she has shown using your product. He recommends we keep using it.

She quickly went from hobbling around the house in pain to back to swimming and fishing, her favorite activities. Not only is she pain-free and able to run, swim, dive and play; she has been healed naturally. Longevity has kept her body free of dangerous pharmaceuticals and out of surgery for over five years and counting.

I highly recommend it to anyone that has a pet with joint issues or injury and want to see incredible results. They won't be disappointed!

Joette Revels and "Cheerio," Florida