Dear Springtime,

I run a horse boarding stable in Pensacola, Florida. In 2008 I took in a new boarder – a 7 year old, 14-hand Paint mare, Kaylee. The horse had never been ridden, could not even be led very well, and was nervous and jumpy. Her owner had just rescued her from a very bad situation and she wanted our help here at the stables. Right away we could tell this horse had many problems to deal with – training alone would not be enough for her. So, for the sake of the lady (who needed a quiet horse) and the horse who desperately needed solid, knowledgeable help – I bought the mare.

I put her on Daily Calm twice a day with lots of groundwork. It has now been four years that I have owned her. She will always have her nervous nature, but with Daily Calm, good training and care, we have successfully saved a beautiful horse and gave her a job. She is now productive. We trail ride together and use her to ride when I give the public rides. Thanks Springtime, for such a good product. I also use your Bug Off Garlic for all my horses here at the barn. Any new ones that come in – it is mandatory for them also. We have enjoyed the break from flies and mosquitoes other stables might have. We ALL notice the difference.

Elizabeth Nobles, Florida