Ingredient Spotlight: Boswellia

Treasured since biblical times for its potent health properties.

Boswellia (also known as frankincense) is an herbal supplement with potent health properties made from the resin of the boswellia serrata tree. For thousands of years, boswellia has been prized for its health properties, including support of a healthy inflammatory response.*

Studies have shown that boswellic acid supports a normal inflammatory response by blocking the enzyme 5-lipoxygenase which then inhibits the synthesis of leukotrienes. It has also been shown to support healthy cartilage.

Dog Study

In Switzerland in 2004, a veterinary clinical trial was conducted comparing joint health before and after ingestion of extract of boswellia serrata. The extract was given once a day with food at 400mg/10kg of body weight for six weeks. After just two weeks, researchers noted that 71% of the dogs showed improvement. By week six, significant positive changes were shown in mobility and comfort. A few dogs had brief, reversible episodes of loose stools.

(Reichling J, Schmokel H, Fitzi J, Bucher S, Saller R. Web. 5 December 2010, PMID: 14994484.)
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